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Q: Why is it called TWIA 2019 when it runs in 2018?
A: Whilst entries, nominations, voting and our regional awards events take place in 2018, the national winners are announced in January 2019. This means that all our finalists and winners have their 2019 titles for the whole calendar year.

Q: Who is behind the awards?
A: Damian & Anna Bailey set up and run the awards. Click here for more on this.

Q: What are the important dates for TWIA 2019?
A: Here goes...


Q: Who can enter TWIA?
A: Any wedding supplier in the England, Wales and Scotland.

Q: How do I enter my business into TWIA?
A: Simply complete the online entry process on this web site and away you go!

Q: Do I have to be Nominated before I can enter?
A: No! You can simply enter your business yourself whenever you are ready. For more on Nomination and Voting click here.

Q: How much is the entry fee?
A: The entry fee is £75 + vat per entry.

Q: Why is there an entry fee?
A: Click here for more on this.

Q: How can entering TWIA help me and my business?
A: Click here for more on this.

Q: Can I enter more than one category?
A: Yes, if you have a wedding business that fits into two categories (eg: Hair and Make Up) then you may enter both categories. You will need to enter each separately creating a different account (using a different email address) for each category.


Q: What is Nomination/Nominating?
A: Nomination is simply a way in which anyone can tell us about amazing wedding suppliers that they know. To nominate someone simply click here and complete the online form. The person/business you nominate will then receive an email informing them that you have nominated them and inviting them to enter the awards. For more info click here.

Q: Do I or does my business need to be Nominated before entering the awards?
A: No! Any wedding supplier can enter their business at any time.


Q: Who can vote in TWIA?
A: Only the recent clients of the wedding suppliers who have entered the awards may vote for them. This ensures that TWIA is based firmly on user experience. If one or more of the wedding suppliers you used for your wedding between 24.10.17 and 09.10.18 has entered the awards they will get in touch with you with instructions on how to vote for them.

Q: I don't have loads of wedding clients. Will this affect my chances.
A: Not necessarily. We understand that just because one wedding supplier does more weddings than another, it doesn't mean that they are necessarily better. Wedding suppliers control the number of weddings they do in all sorts of ways and for all sorts of reasons. As a result we have developed a system that enables wedding suppliers of all shapes and sizes to enter the awards on a level playing field. For more on this, click here and select the 'In Detail' section.

Q: Do I get to see what my voters said about me and my business?
A: Yes. We provide each entrant with their average voter scores and all voter comments after voting has closed. Voter feedback will be available to dopwnload form each entrant's admin area.

Q: Can I get any judging feedback?
A: Whilst we appreciate that this would be really useful, it's not as easy as it sounds to provide for everyone. So, we can't provide judging feedback at the moment but we are looking at ways in which we can provide this in the future and will keep everyone posted.

Judging Process

Q: Who is on the judging panel?
A: Categories and judging panel can be seen here.

Q: How does the judging process work?
A: Full detais on this can be seen here. There is a lot of information here but we believe on being completely transparent about how it all works.

Q: How do you ensure that the judging is impartial?
A: All our judges are respected experts within the wedding industry and we have tried to ensure that there is a balanced panel with specific expertise in each category. All judging is done online, remotely and without conference. This ensures that no single judge's opinion has more weight than another's. Each judge is shown each entrant's judging profile in their category. This includes the repsonses to the judging profile questions, any photos and videos uploaded and all voter scores and comments. Judges are also provded with links to external web sites and social media and may use any other means they see fit to help them make their decisions. The TWIA judging process is the most credible and rigorous in the wedding industry.

Awards Events

Q: When are the Regional Awards events?
A: Full details on all the regional awards events can be seen here.

Q: When is the National Awards event?
A: Full details on the National Awards event can be seen here.

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