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Whether you’re a bona fide cake aficionado or simply long for the tradition of cutting that first slice as man and wife, we can probably all agree that choosing a wedding cake is one of the most unapologetically enjoyable parts of wedding planning. The Best Wedding Cake Designer category recognises excellence amongst those suppliers who create not only a beautiful focal point, but also a taste sensation; who wow their clients from first tasting to last tiny crumb.

Whilst we don’t pretend to know the first thing about the intricacies of baking, we do know how relentless being a wedding cake designer is. Here at TWIA we’re looking at every aspect of cake makers as a wedding supplier, including how their brand awareness carries through every part of their business to the way in which they walk their clients through their available options.

So much more work goes into a wedding cake than you might imagine – as anyone who has ever offered to make one for a friend or relative will know – and we seek to recognise that hard work through this category. Whether it’s the exceptional number of man hours that have been invested in sugar craft to create those dozens of intricate sweet flowers that decorate a cake or the early mornings that precede a bake and rest time, we know that there is untold effort that goes into a finished product.

Of course, as with all wedding suppliers, cake designers have to ensure consistency in every single cake they deliver. Every single piece of every single cake must taste as good as all the rest. Every single sugar flower must be as perfect as all of its peers. Every single customer needs to be equally as excited about the wedding cake they have commissioned.

We love looking at the beautiful, intricate and innovative designs that contemporary couples can choose from. We adore sampling the very finest tastes and textures. We marvel at how wedding cake designers have adapted to the wishes of their clients to provide cupcake towers, croquembouches and multi-flavoured taste explosions.

But most of all, we love reading the feedback of voters who genuinely feel that their wedding cake designer offered them an unparalleled experience. Sure, the cake looks good in that iconic photo as the knife slides through the base layer and they got the product they ordered, but it’s whether the journey along the way won their hearts that separates the good from the great.

If you know of an exemplary wedding cake designer, you can nominate them for The Wedding Industry Awards 2014 on our website. If you are a wedding cake designer and would like to show the world why your business is the best, you can enter TWIA right here.

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