Your Vote Counts

Every Vote 2.0

Alright newlyweds, this one’s for you. You see, we need you to help make our industry better, stronger and more reliable. We need you to vote in The Wedding Industry Awards 2015.

The aim of these awards is not to create a popularity contest that recognises the people with the most amount of friends. It’s also not a glorification of who has managed to cram the most amount of weddings into the past 12 months. No, these awards are about you and the relationship that you had with suppliers who contributed to your wedding day.

It is only through your votes and your feedback that we can truly find out about the service, products and experience that each TWIA entrant provides. We value the ethos, marketing and reputation of every wedding supplier we look at, but that all counts for very little if their clients don’t love their work.

With your votes, we can build a picture of the good, the better and the best. With your votes, we can celebrate excellent work and outstanding businesses. With your votes, we can gain an invaluable insight into the inner workings of each company and the perception of their customers.

So, if any of your wedding suppliers have contacted you to ask for your support in TWIA 2015, please don’t delay in voting for them now. We really do measure success based on consumer feedback, so your input is vital.

Voting closes on this Friday, 24th October, so time is starting to run out. The whole process shouldn’t take much more than five minutes of your time and could just be the difference between making your wedding supplier a winner or an also-ran.

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