FAQ: How many clients do I need to have to enter The Wedding Industry Awards?

We here at TWIA HQ hear the lament, “But I don’t do enough weddings to enter The Wedding Industry Awards!” on a frighteningly regular basis. There is a common misconception that the winners of The Wedding Industry Awards are the ones that do an audacious amount of weddings each year, as though some suppliers are capable of acquiring at least 365 clients during the yearly period in which they are eligible to receive votes.

Let us hold up our hands right now and categorically state that this is incorrect.

The great news is that we use voters’ average scores rather than the total number of votes entrants receive. Why? Because this creates a level playing field. Not only that, but we also take into account the proportion of your eligible clients who actually vote for you, meaning that quantity is most certainly not prevalent over quality.

Ergo, if a company has 50 eligible clients and all 50 of those clients actually vote for them, this is deemed to be better than another company who may have 100 eligible clients, but only get votes from 50 of them. Someone wiser than us could perhaps translate this into a super-easy to understand equation, but maths is not our strong point.

The key thing to remember here is that it doesn’t matter how many clients you have, but it does matter how many of the clients you do have that vote for you. So don’t be hesitant because of the size of your business or your ability to acquire clients; moreover focus on encouraging those few wonderful customers you have to vote for you.

As if all this wasn’t giving you the greatest possible chance to win TWIA, there’s the added bonus of the fact that if your business was less than a year old as of 1st November 2011, you will automatically be entered into the ‘Best Newcomer Award’ too. What’s that? An extra chance to win an award? Sharing is caring, friends…

Click here for more details on how our voting and judging process works.

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