2015 Winner’s Words: Gemma Sutton

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Who: Gemma Sutton
What: Best Wedding Make Up Artist
Where: Online www.gemmasutton.com | On Facebook | On Twitter

Why did you enter TWIA 2015?

I had taken part in the previous 2014 awards so it was being a part of that that encouraged me to enter again. It was really special to read all the great feedback from our brides and, of course, the publicity from it is always good, so that all inspired us to enter again.

Tell us about yourself…

After training, I originally started my career in TV and film working in hair and make up, but after doing many of my friends’ and family weddings over the year I realised my love for the bridal industry. I then worked solely on weddings as a freelancer around 11 years ago, finally launching as a company under the umbrella of Gemma Sutton Ltd in 2010. The best thing about my job is that it doesn’t feel like a job. I love it! It is great fun meeting all our beautiful brides, talking through all their wedding plans and ideas and style. It’s very rewarding being able to help them achieve the best of themselves for their big day.

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How confident did you feel about winning?

We were just very excited to have won the Regional Award and to be invited to the National Awards. I never have any idea who is going to win what category as there are so many talented make up artists entering the awards now, so although we were feeling very hopeful I wouldn’t have said confident, especially as the awards are continually growing from year to year bringing in tougher and tougher competition.

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What does winning The Wedding Industry Awards mean to you?

It is such an honour to win Best Bridal MUA. The Regional award is a fantastic achievement in itself but to then go on and win the National is just brilliant.

I love what I do so much, it is very special being a part of a bride’s big day, so to be recognised in this way is very rewarding and it’s wonderful knowing the judges think so highly of my work after I have followed all of them for many years.

How has winning an award affected your business?

We have had a lot of extra enquiries since winning the national awards with all the press and publicity it brings. We are hoping we can continue to grow the business and our brand name from this award. We have lots of exciting things in the pipeline for 2015!

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What has been the most valuable part of TWIA 2015 for you?

The award ceremonies themselves are always great fun and a good opportunity to network. But the most valuable to me is getting to read all our past brides’ comments and feedback. When you work so hard and aim to give your brides the best of the best it is very rewarding to hear that you have achieved this and made them so very happy on their special day.

What were your highlights of the evening?

It was a fab night celebrating. The champagne was flowing and the food was delicious. It was great to meet with a lot of friendly faces from the industry, some of which we have only had email contact with, so it was great to finally put faces to names. It’s always very important to keep networking as you can all help promote each other’s work and spread the success.

Final thoughts?

We hope to be enter again next year if we get enough time! We have been so very busy since the big win! Our advice to new entrants would be: definitely enter, it is a great event to be involved in and even if you don’t win it is all a great experience and fantastic opportunity to meet many faces in the industry if you make it through as a finalist.

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