TWIA Success Story 8: Ed Brown Photography

Ed Brown Photography
Regional Winner
Wedding Photographer of the Year 2019

East of England Region

Our TWIA Story  

Our clients Sophie and Joe nominated us for The Wedding Industry Awards. We were so happy just to be nominated by our wonderful super cool clients; their feedback and thoughts are so important to us as a company.

We had never entered an awards in the wedding industry but this time, because we had been nominated by our clients, we decided we just had to.

We always thought awards were for big companies and companies that could afford to enter lots of expensive industry awards, this isn’t true for TWIA, the cost is very affordable and the awards are for everyone.

We were so unsure whether we should enter, how to do it, whether the judges would get us as we are often seen as a little different and do things very differently to others in our field. We have a different mindset and we don’t fit the mould. But entering was so easy and at the last minute, although very nervous, we went for it!

We were so excited to be a finalist and to attend the awards evening, get dressed up & to see other suppliers we had worked with all dressed up and excited to be at the event was awesome. The best part of the awards evening was watching all of the suppliers proudly going up on stage and receiving their certificates or awards and everyone clapping and supporting everyone’s hard work.

We were so so happy to win the regional Award and it meant such a lot to both of us, it really did make our year. To receive all of the wonderful feedback from our clients brought tears to our eyes. We have worked so hard over the years, like so many other companies, so to enter an award for the first time and actually win was amazing!

TWIA is the only industry awards that genuionely recognises the hard work that the business owners/ co-owners and teams put in.

We can easily say that since winning TWIA, 2019 has been our busiest year and 2020 is also nearly fully booked and we have had the good fortune to help other photography companies with work when we have been fully booked ourselves. Our business has gone from strength to strength. We have gained more confidence that being an individual brand and doing your own thing is ok and that you don’t need to follow the masses to be successful; believe in yourself, your brand, your company ethos, be good to your clients (they deserve the best!) and don’t try and be anything but yourself.

We are so proud of our little business and achieving this award through our clients and the rigorous TWIA process.

TWIA has helped us to realise that our company is an extremely client-focused and free-thinking, a free-spirited business and that being different is ok, doing things differently, innovating, breaking barriers, changing perceptions, that all these things are ok and also that kindness, equality and inclusivity are really important to us as a company.

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