Things You Need To Know About TWIA Blog


A big fat warm welcome to you as you peruse the pages of this blog, potentially for the very first time. The Wedding Industry Awards Blog is new for 2013 and, we hope, will be a helpful tool to both entrants looking for advice on the competition and brides looking for help planning their weddings. In the same way that we invite your questions and feedback via our Twitter and Facebook pages, we want you to use this blog as an interactive tool to let us know how you are getting on in the entry process.

So what can you expect from this, the new blog on the block?

Well, we will try to pack as much information as you need into these pages as we can, from how to make the most of filling out your entry form to the answers to a heap of frequently asked questions.

We will have articles from the judges on our expert panel, outlining their role in the competition and what they are expecting to see from 2013 entrants. The odd appearance by the organisers also ought to help you understand a little bit more about the process, as well as providing us with the breaking news from the awards frontline.

The blog will also help to showcase and promote winners of the 2012 awards, letting you know how the cream of last year’s crop are faring. With over 10,000 supplier searches per month over on the main website, we know that brides are using TWIA to seek out their wedding vendors, so we hope to aid their research with profiles of who’s hot right now.

There’ll also be all the news from your local region and using the tag cloud on the right you’ll be able to find out information about individual awards categories as well.

Finally, the comments will always be open, so if we’ve missed anything or there’s something you’re dying to ask that isn’t covered on the website or in the FAQ’s then please dive in and get involved. This is not just our blog, it’s your blog – all of you who have entered, might enter and are thinking about entering The Wedding Industry Awards!

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