TWIA Success Stories

TWIA has the power to change people’s businesses and change people’s lives.

Here are just a small number of success stories from past Regional Winners:

Natalie Kate Make Up Artist
Regional Winner
Wedding Make Up Artist of the Year 2019

Yorkshire & North East Region

“I wanted to share my success story as your awards have helped both myself and my business in more ways than I could ever imagine.

The morning after the announcement that I had won Regional Winner in the category Wedding Makeup Artist of the Year 2019 for Yorkshire & North East my phone had gone into meltdown. Flooded with well wishes, congratulations and booking enquiries.

Anyone who had emailed for quotes over the months and weeks before the news, were that morning chasing me wanting to book in urgently, and new enquiries were wanting to book and pay deposits that very morning.. Can I add that this was bride’s up and down the country.

Outside of my bookings and diary blowing up, the industry suppliers and venue’s went crazy getting in touch. I was offered to take part in photoshoots and paid shoots for publications I could have only dreamt of before the awards. After winning Regional, I have featured in Vogue, and Wedding Ideas. Two incredible magazines I once used to pick up and only imagine how it felt to see your work inside there.

I have since put in plans to open my own premises, and expand my offering to brides with my services after how successful I have been. Your awards have changed my business and life for the better. Before, I was at a crossroads while being on maternity and juggling getting back into my business being a busy mum.

The win has solidified my reputation within the industry and made every early morning, late night, admin filled day-off, missed social gatherings and carrying around my heavy makeup kit all worth it. I’ve had bride’s travel to me from London, International Brides book me, and amazing suppliers want to work alongside me. My work has been nominated for more and more awards, and including TWIA I will have now won 4 awards this year (Yours being the first), and nominated for a further 7. I now have 60 weddings alone this year, and 2020 is almost 80% full. 2021 is already booking fast, although I’m trying to fit my own wedding to my partner Nathan in there too!!

So a HUGE thankyou!!

I’ll forever enter TWIA now. It’s made me so proud. The whole process with your team was so professional and efficient. The awards and your team are honest, reliable, and trustworthy. As well as being friendly and down to earth!”


Steven Heath
Regional & National Winner
Wedding Musical Act of the Year (solo/duo) 2019

Yorkshire & North East Region

The first year I entered TWIA I won the regional category and was highly commended at the national event. The second year I won the regional and I was fortunate enough to win the national event too.

The benefits of entering have been numerous. Along with the prestige of having been recognised as a national winner in the event we have also seen the following:

Automated bookings

Brides are nervous about their wedding days. In a completely unregulated industry brides have to have total confidence in their suppliers. Since winning the national event I have seen a huge increase not just in the number of enquiries but the quality of those enquiries. Couples are quick to book. The TWIA badge is a mark of confidence where brides can know that suppliers have been judged to be the best in their fields by a thorough, peer reviewed system.


TWIA has opened up a wider network which is not just confined to the region I work in. When you win an award the entire UK wedding industry knows about it. This leads to opportunities to work collegiality with wedding professionals all across the UK as well as leading to corporate work on the back of the confidence fellow professionals have in you.


By far one of the biggest benefits of having won a national award is now being regarded by fellow musicians as an expert in my field. This has led to a greater amount of enquiries from other musicians when they are unavailable. Often suppliers will recommend one another. When they do their reputation is at stake so the TWIA award brings confidence to those suppliers who offer the same service as you so they are happy to recommend you.

I would recommend any company to enter TWIA. Of all the awards that are out there this, in my opinion, is the most thorough and objective process (and I said that to my business partner (i.e. my wife) before I won ANY of the awards). Even if you don’t win the prestige of having been selected as a finalist and the networking opportunities are worth it alone.

Photo credit: Shutter Go Click Photography


Nadia Wood
Regional Winner
Wedding Stylist of the Year 2019

West Midlands Region

Winning Stylist of the Year gave me the confidence boost I needed to take the business to the next level.

Since winning I’ve opened my new studio, taken on another stylist so we can take on double the bookings and I’ve bought another van so I can expand the collection with some larger items. I’ve also learned a tonne of new skills and invested a lot of pennies into offering new services to our couples which have been really successful. I genuinely believe that I wouldn’t have been brave enough to take the jump up to this level without having been through the awards process.

I won’t hesitate to enter again this year with the hope of keeping my title for another year! It’s been an incredible experience for both me personally and the business and I couldn’t be happier with where it has taken me so far this year.


Kelly Hanks
Regional Winner and National Highly Commended
Wedding Hair Stylist of the Year 2019

Yorkshire & North East Region

After years of not putting myself forward and telling myself ‘there’s no point in entering, i’ll never even get shortlisted’, last year was a real turning point for me. My amazing clients gave me the confidence to enter by constantly telling me how amazing I was at my job. Still reluctant to believe it I went for it and oh am I glad that I did!

Not only did I win bridal hairstylist of the year 2019 for my region (Yorkshire and the North East) I only went on to win a ‘highly commended’ award in the national finals. 2nd in the county.WHAT????

Gobsmacked, overjoyed, immensely proud does not even cover the feelings that came along with this accolade. I for once had stepped right out of my comfort zone to push myself forward and look what came out of it!?!

The support I have had from my clients, friends and family has been more than I could ever imagine. past brides, future brides all messaging me to congratulate me and new potential customers getting in touch because i’m now officially an award winner. My business is busier than ever, i work highly on recommendation and this just adds to the confirmation that any bride needs before they make a booking.

My confidence has soared. I remember being so nervous about doing a video and now i’m so much more pro active across social media, something I would never have done before.

What it has also given me and this is really key for me is new friends across the industry, who like me are freelance and don’t have a team to pull from. Other people who also entered the TWIA and who all supported each other throughout the competition. We have been on courses together and speak frequently and this i LOVE. Everyone is so supportive of each other and i’m grateful for that.

I will enter this year’s TWIA because not only did I thoroughly enjoy the whole experience but I will be forever thankful for the opportunities this has given me and my business.


Dodmoor House
National Winner
Wedding Event Team of the Year 2019

East Midlands Region

We won the National Award for the Wedding Team and are all really so proud of the achievement, it’s really been an amazing time here at Dodmoor HQ since the win!

It really means so much to know that although we work in a stunning venue and offer lots of flexibility and help,  the couples who were married here in 2018 really believed it was the team and the service we provided that stood out on their wedding day.

Since winning the award, we proudly spread the word of our achievement across our social media channels and we really have seen a huge increase in the amount of dates sold so far, with more dates sold in the first quarter of this year than any other since we opened in 2006! We also feel this may at least partly be down to being so confident on our viewings knowing we really are one of the best teams out there!

As a team we have most definitely bonded over such an achievement and we feel that even more now than ever our team work shines through when working. We already knew we were pretty lucky to have a team who get on so well and truly call each other friends but it’s amazing that our happy, little family can be recognised nationally for our service and team work!


Brian Mole
Regional Winner and National Highly Commended
Wedding DJ of the Year 2019

South East region

Winning the Regional Award twice, and getting highly commended on the national award has indeed been amazing for my business.  It brings plenty of recognition from venues and other wedding industry suppliers, which in turn brings more enquiries and that, of course, leads to more work.  The feedback from my clients, which is released at the end of the competition, is amazing, very humbling, and provides me with all the marketing material I need for the yer ahead.

Last year, I engaged a PR professional.  She sent out press releases to all the local media, and together we also targeted wedding venues which I have had on my radar for many years, but had no success in working at.  This has resulted in the local papers and Your Sussex Wedding magazine running news stories, Sussex Life running a 2 page feature about my business, and I am now proud to be on the approved suppliers list of 2 new venues, one of which is world class.  The news has also be seen by colleagues in the industry which is a great help!

TWIA has been a fab way to raise the game for all of us who take part.  It’s something our clients love to contribute to, and very humbling to be recognised for the hard work we do.


Classic & Vintage
Regional Winner
Wedding Transport Supplier of the Year 2019

South Central Region

Winning the regionals for the TWIA has not only made us feel more confident in our services but has helped to add that stamp of approval that gives clients confidence in us!

The feedback we received based on the awards has shown us exactly what we are doing right and even where we can improve, all from our clients own perspective.

We’ve had such a heart warming response to sharing our win and we now feel so excited to keep pushing our business further.

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