Top 10 Moments from TWIA 2015 National Finals

1. Selfies – because every wedding event starts & finishes with a blurry backwards shot posted to Instagram…!

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2. Live acapella music in the noisiest room in London. Thanks to The Buzztones for getting the room rocking!

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3. Reaction shots. Sheer joy is such a pleasure to witness.

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4. Judges hanging out with the humble folk.


5. Tomfoolery in the Looklook Photo Booth and GIF booth.

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6. Winners trying to make human pyramids. Obviously.


7. Badges of Honour – the easiest way to spot a regional winner.


8. The things people do with awards when they’ve won them.

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9. The nosh. We don’t believe in formal sit-down dinners, but we do believe in soaking up all the celebratory champagne!16318396425_8e39a6305b_z

10. The dancing. Drunken, dirty, round a handbag or without a care.

15695916424_af22d6e3d6_z 16318354615_87f5e6fa44_z 16292409726_a1c9575340_z

 You can see a full selection of amazing images by Adby Creative of The Wedding Industry Awards National Finals 2015 over on our Flickr account. All images are available for download, so please feel free to take and tag but make sure you credit!

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