Kristina Gasperas, Best Wedding Make-Up 2013

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“Winning the national award for best wedding make-up artist means a massive amount to me,” proud award-winner Kristina Gasperas told us after the event at The Bloomsbury Ballroom in January. “It’s a wonderful confirmation that I have been doing my job well and been making my brides beautiful and happy. It’s great to think that my clients are so satisfied with my work that they took the time to vote for me. It’s also a huge confidence boost going forwards.”

Kristina took home the Best Wedding Make-Up Artist title after her clients voted for her based on their appreciation of her skill, expertise and calming influence during what can be a stressful time on the morning of the wedding. The judges were also impressed with how Kristina’s exemplary customer service was supported by a strong brand and a great website.

However, Kristina’s path to bridal success wasn’t always obvious. Like many other wedding businesses, it was Kristina’s own experience of getting married that prompted her to indulge in a career change.

“I got into the wedding industry by chance,” she explained. “When I was getting married, I had the most incredible bridal make-up artist who made me look like never before and feel amazing.”

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“I had been soul-searching for the last year or two before that about what I could do as a career that I would be more interested in and would be more fulfilling than my current job in the corporate world. It just dawned on me during my own wedding morning that this is what I wanted to do,” Kristina recalled. “Soon after, I arranged a private course to study with the same make-up artist who, after two months of intensive theory and practical training, put me in a position where I could start my new career.”

As is often the case with those who have created their own businesses, Kristina said that she enjoyed every aspect of her work these days. “I especially love seeing how with each step of the make-up process I transform my clients. I love the whole procedure from start to finish, finally seeing my brides looking more confident, holding their heads higher and all because they know they look the most amazing they ever have.”

Kristina was feeling positive about her place on The Wedding Industry Awards national shortlist and felt that she had a good chance of winning after conquering the London and South East region. “Of course, I didn’t know I would win for certain,” Kristina said. “I’m sure all of the regional winners felt the same way as we had already got so far. I felt such joy and euphoria when I heard my name called out as the national winner.”

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So, what would Kristina’s tips be in order to create a successful business that encourages your clients to vote for you as the best in the country?

“You need to have the whole package, from a quality website to a good social presence, outstanding service and the ability to consistently produce an impeccable finished result,” said Kristina. “You know when you do your job well, you know when you put every single effort into making your service outstanding quality, and you know when you go not just the extra mile but the extra 10 miles to please your clients. That is when I think is the right time to enter the awards.”

Since becoming the nation’s Best Wedding Make-Up Artist, Kristina has found that the accolade has made a very significant difference to the exposure her business is getting amongst potential clients.

“My bookings have increased dramatically,” Kristina told us. “I am well on my way to achieving my goal of 100 weddings this year, much quicker than I could have anticipated.”

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“After I won the award, I received many congratulations from my existing clients who followed my journey from entering the awards to winning,” Kristina said. “I also got warm messages from new clients who said they were showing off to their friends and colleagues that the make-up artist they’ve booked for their wedding is a national award winner. They’ve told me they feel extra-confident to be guided by my opinion.”

“I guess that this award is like a stamp of quality, giving brides assurance that they can rely on me to achieve their dream look, even if they’re not always decided upon exactly what they want.”

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