TWIA 2019 – What’s new?

So, entries, nominations and voting for TWIA 2019 have OPENED. By the way, even though the awards run in 2018, it’s called TWIA 2019 because a) we announce the national winners in January 2019 and b) everyone has their titles for the whole calendar year. So, if you didn’t know, now you do!

We’ve actually launched TWIA 2019 a month earlier than TWIA 2018. This is partly to give wedding suppliers more time to enter and more time to get their clients votes in.

So, what else is new this year?


This year we have added a ‘Photographer Newcomer’ category (as opposed to the existing Newcomer category which is an additional category and can’t be entered on its own). This is for all photographers who established their wedding photography business or started photographing weddings after 1st October 2016 (different to the Newcomer category cut-off date of 24.10.17). The ‘Photographer’ category will remain and, of course, will be for those whose businesses were established before 1st October 2016. Historically, we have always seen a large number of entries in the ‘Photographer’ category so we hope that adding this new category will enable us to recognise more great wedding suppliers whilst also acknowledge the difference between the relatively new wedding togs and those who have been around the block a few times.

This new category will be entered in exactly the same way as the other main categories. As with the other main categories, those eligible will also be automatically be entered into the overall Newcomer category free of charge once they have entered their main category. For more details on this, CLICK HERE.

To see all the categories on offer CLICK HERE and then click on ‘Newcomer Category’


We pride ourselves on having the largest and most expert judging panel of any awards in the wedding industry, ever. Over the years we have worked hard to create a separate sub-panel for each category. Without a balanced panel with specific and in-depth knowledge and experience in each category we cannot expect great wedding suppliers to enter; simple as that.

You can see the panel for each category HERE.

With that in mind, each year we seek to add appropriate experts to our panel to ensure the rigour, credibilty, reliability and integrity of our judging process. We are delighted to welcome the following new judges for TWIA 2019:

  • BAND Category


    Jon & Yew Han Baker are Directors of one of the most in-demand party bands in the North West and the UK as a whole; The Funtime Frankies. Having won the National Wedding Band of the Year Award in TWIA 2018 and 2017 they have a proven track record, obvious expertise and we welcome them to the panel with open arms.


    Rebecca Baddeley is the beating heart of The Dressing Rooms Bridal, Halesowen, a highly regarded and much loved bridal boutique in the West Midlands. As the current holder of the National Bridal Retailer of the Year Award we are delighted to be able to benefit from her considerable expertise and experience.

  • CELEBRANT Category

    A new category for TWIA last year, we welcome Jennifer Constant to the panel this year. Jennifer is an established wedding celebrant with 8 years of experience under her belt, creating more than 40 wedding ceremonies each year. She also set up and runs The Celebrant Directory.

  • DJ Category

    Andy Murphy won the North West Regional Wedding DJ of the Year Award five years in a row and is the current National Wedding DJ of the Year. Andy’s passion and expertise will be a valuable asset to the DJ Category panel and we look forward to working with him on the other side of the fence.

  • HAIR Category

    Jenn Edwards will be joining the panel in the Hair category for TWIA 2019. Jenn is a highly sought-after hair and make-up artist and the winner of five consecutive TWIA East Midlands Regional wins.

    The current TWIA National Hair Stylist of the Year Award winner, Sharon Roberts, also joins the Hair category judging panel. With more than 25 years’ experience, Sharon will be an invaluable asset to panel who have responsibility for this popular and competitive category.

  • MAKE UP Category

    Jenn Edwards, in addition to joining the Hair category panel, will also join the panel for the Make Up category.

  • NEWCOMER Category
    SPECIAL TOUCH Category

    Louise Beukes is the driving force behind the much loved wedding blog B.LOVED. She also set up and curates B.LOVED.Hive which helps wedding businesses grow, develop and flourish. Louise is the perfect addition to panels with responsibility for the Newcomer and Special Touch categories.


    Twice a winner of TWIA’s National Wedding Photographer of the Year Award, Adam Jonhson is one of the most respected and highly sought after wedding togs in the land. The keen eye and passion for the industry that inspired him to help establish Nine Dots, the pre-eminent conference and gathering for wedding photographers, will be put to good use on the TWIA panel this year.

  • PLANNER Category

    We welcome Sam Johnson to the panel. One half of the couple behind luxury wedding planners Carmela Weddings, Sam will bring his wealth of experience and an often overlooked male perspective to the Wedding Planner category. We have also moved some other panellists around to create a new look and more balanced panel for this category so check it out.


    David Garcia is the creative force behind Zenith Cinematography, a multi-award-winning film maker and the current holder of TWIA’s National Wedding Videographer of the Year Award. David is a highly respected wedding film maker and his experience and understanding of this rapidly changing area of the industry will be invaluable on the panel.

  • VENUE Categories

    Jane Finch owns and runs the award-winning Redhouse Barn with her partner Jeremy Bellis. They both designed and built Redhouse Barn in 2008 from the family’s farm into a unique wedding experience for their couples and a quintessentially beautiful and stylish specialist wedding venue. Welcome on board, Jane!

You can see the panel for each category HERE.


This year, each voter will be encouraged to leave ‘constructive criticism’ comments as part of the voting process. We hope that voters will highlight areas for possible improvement, however small they may be.

Whilst these comments won’t be shown to the judging panel, they will be made available to the entrant concerned as part of their Voter Feedback.

We are always trying to help wedding suppliers identify areas in which they can improve and we think this addition to the voting process will produce very useful data for all entrants.


Each year we get asked for judging feedback. We know that pretty much every entrant would be interested in receiving this but, as ever, it’s not as easy as it sounds! This year we plan to test a solution in a couple of categories. We can’t tell you which ones yet but we’ll keep you posted.

If it works well for all judges and all entrants concerned we will look at rolling this out to more/all categories in TWIA 2020 and beyond.

We are always looking at ways to give entrants more and to differentiate TWIA from all other wedding industry awards.


All the dates and venues for our Regional Awards Events have been confirmed.

Make sure you put your Regional Awards Event date in your diary now. Line up the babysitter, book the next day off.

Do whatever you have to do because if you are a regional finalist you’ll want to be there.

For full details on all regional events, CLICK HERE. If you want to be really organised, you might want to put THIS DATE in your diary too, just in case!


There are all sorts of myths about TWIA.

Misconceptions, Old Wives’ Tales, ‘apparentlys’; you know what we mean. We understand. TWIA can seem complicated but it’s worth finding out the facts for yourself.

This blog post will help dispell some of the most common ones. If there is anything else that needs clarification just EMAIL US.




Check out these little films of people clutching trophies and telling everyone how and why TWIA has helped them and their businesses.

We’ll tell you how great TWIA is until we are blue in the face but hearing it from other wedding suppliers (again and again) is much better.




That’s all for now, folks. More updates coming soon. Any queries, please EMAIL US.

Best wishes

The TWIA Team

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